Galaxy Note 6 Rumors for Specifications, Features and Price

As the year ends, people are waiting for 2016 with much anticipation for the Galaxy Note 6 edge release date with desire features and specifications. The predecessor device performed well that people can’t wait for the next device to be released.

What is the Expected Release Date?

By looking at the track records and trendy of Samsung, we are expecting that the Galaxy Note 6 will be released at early September 2016. Of course there will be varied dates for the release depending on the region but the earliest release should be in the 2nd week of September. It will first made available for US, Canada, UK, Australia and few more countries and we are expecting that company may announce the exact date of release on Global Summit in May of 2016.

Projected Galaxy Note 6 Specification

Though the release date is still far, we already have an idea of the technical directives of the device. Here below are some of the expected specs for Note 6.

  • Operating System

The device will be running on Android’s latest technology, Marshmallow 6.0. With this platform, the performance will be highly improved. It will lighting fast your personal and professional work and you will truly enjoy using it.

Samsung Note6 rumored features and specification

  • Processor

It is expected that the Note 6 will have a Snapdragon Qualcomm octa-core 2.9 GHz processor. This will enhance its speed and functionality.

  • Battery

The Smartphone will come with a powerful battery with a capacity of 5500 mAh. Therefore, users should expect more active hours with this device. So, you no need to worry about finding charge point while traveling or in car. If you fully charge it then you should able to use your device for entire use without any issue.

  • Camera

The device will come with a dual camera of 30 MP in the rear position and 7MP for the front camera. It will have dual flash too and would have extra zooming features too. Samsung will add some in-build camera functionalities in Galaxy Note6, so that you can take powerful snapshot of your favorite spots.

  • Display Size

This phablet will have a sizeable display of 6.2”. This will make its viewing experience better.

Features of Samsung note 6 Edge

On top of the listed specs, this phone will also have the following as its unique advantages:

  • Wireless Charging

The Note series will from this device henceforth embrace wireless charging as a feature of the phablet.

  • Sensors

There will be additional sensors in this device. Some of the top sensors will be barometer, compass, dustproof, heart rate, thermometer and dustproof sensor.

  • Scanners

The samsung galaxy note6 will also have a scanner for fingerprints and retina. It helps you to lock your important files and data. You can use that to lock entire phone too.

  • Fast Charging

Despite having a powerful battery capacity, the device will allow for fast charging as a feature. In just 5 minutes, a user will be able to charge the battery enough to last for 4 hours.

These are some of the top features expected once the device is released.

Rumors about Samsung Galaxy Note 6

It is rumored that this device will have a bendable display as one of its features. This concept was first rumored by a top employee of Samsung. The bendable display is expected to give users more control ability and improve multitasking abilities of the device.

It is also rumored that the device will come with 5G connectivity. If this rumor is anything to go by, then users must brace up for fast internet speeds. Given the high speed processor and the latest OS installed in it, then the internet speeds are expected to be extremely fast with 5G connectivity.

Other rumor about the device is that it will put more emphasis on health in its inbuilt Apps. This should be good news to most people since health is a growing concern in this present world.

Our insider sources also predict that this device is meant to target primarily the emerging markets. Samsung will try to capture the high-end market with their yet-to-be-released Galaxy S6 and put the Note 6 as a target for the emerging markets. Therefore, marketing will be centered in Eastern Europe, South America, Asia and some parts of Africa. This does not mean that the device won’t be sold in high end markets such as America and Europe.

What is the Expected Price of Note 6 Edge?

Upon its release, the device is expected to retail at $1100 USD. This will be set price for the device which will be converted to different currencies of the countries where the device will be sold.