Galaxy Note 6 Release Date, Specifications, Price, Features & Note 7 Images

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 and Note 7 Edge will be released in three different model; standard, Note 6 edge and foldable version. Below is the detailed coverage of all the rumors and news on upcoming Note6.

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There is hot talk about the recent leak of galaxy note 6 model number. There is no any confirmation from Samsung but rumor covers model number with full details for various countries that force us to think about that.

Edge series might be return with Galaxy note 6 line. According to Forbes and Mashable, Samsung could have slim 5.9 inch curved display with huge battery life.

Samsung will release Note 6 at IFA Berlin and hence we will have most waited Note series phone in mid of August only. Last time it was released on September and Samsung don’t want to clash their Note 6 release date with Apple’s iPhone 7.

Some leading media houses are rumoring that there won’t be note 6. It is socking and surprising too. However there will be Note 7. Company is planning to consolidate their series and want to match it with iPhone. Samsung Note 7 Specs will be far better than Note 6 rumored specs. Please keep checking this area to know more about same.

Everything you need to know about Galaxy Note 6

The Samsung Galaxy Note series is one of the most popular Android phone series on the market. People are on the edge of their seats waiting for the Note 6 entry in the Galaxy family. Unfortunately, much of the information available about the phone is only rumor. Samsung has remained tight-lipped about the phone. Despite this, the tech community has gathered information on the device. From that information and Samsung’s upgrade tendencies, we can create a rough estimate of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6.

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Since last 5 years, Company regularly release their S and note series Smartphone. Both are globally available, but they might be unveiled at different dates on difference places. Samsung just released their S6 on last week of February and it’s time for Note6. We have collected some digested rumors and news and hoping that company will act on that and will add that for you for better experience.

Rumors of Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Edge Release Date

Considering Samsung likes to take large leaps in advancing their phones, the Note6 is expected to be far more advanced than the Note 5. Samsung continues and, for the foreseeable future, will continue to battle against Apple for the best phone on the market. This push of market competition will cause larger, more striking steps of innovation. The Note 5 was an incredible Smartphone from company in terms of both features and specs. What was on that series will certainly be on Galaxy Note 6. Samsung likes to live up to the tech industry predictions more so than most other smartphone companies.

Samsung Galaxy note 6 release date

Galaxy Note 6 Edge Concept Image

Samsung views Apple as its number one market competitor. Because of this, Note fans should assume that the Galaxy Note 6 and future iterations will be released before or immediately after the release of an iPhone. Samsung strives to release their S and Note series phones before Apple drops an iPhone because consumers probably cannot afford to get both. If someone gets a Note, their pockets will be too empty to afford an iPhone. Apple has a habit of releasing every version of an iPhone in September, so count on the next version of the Note to released in the fall time. The only assumption for the September release date was the release of the first Note, which occurred in October.

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From all above facts and rumors, we can strongly say that Galaxy Note 6 release date should be on September or early Oct, 2016.

Specification for Galaxy Note 6 Edge

The Samsung Note 6 is rumored to have a 4500 mAh battery, 5.9 inch high quality HD screen, and a 7.9mm thick structure. To translate what these measurements mean, here’s the breakdown:

  • This phone will have a powerful battery that can last for hours upon hours and can handle multiple open apps without burning your palm.
  • The screen will provide users with a display similar to a mini-HDTV.
  • The phone’s thickness is shockingly small, considering how large the phone’s battery is.

Besides this, the Galaxy Note 6 may have a flexible display, meaning that the phone will bend to the shape of your pocket. This spec will prevent millions from suffering the unfortunate dropping of their phone from bending over. Also, for the first time, Samsung will include an all-in-one chip in the phone that contains all the phone’s data, memory, and storage.

Galaxy Note 6 will be first flexible Phone

On the bright side, Samsung is likely to increase the native storage space for the Note 6. This means someone can buy a Note 6 with a greater amount storage for a lower price. While the Note 4’s default is and the Note 5’s default was 32 GB, in this age, smartphones are increasingly used as a person’s “every tech.” People require their smartphones not only to call others and contain apps, but also to store all of their music, photos, and personal data. To accommodate for this new trend, Samsung is likely to adjust their default to 64GB or at least offer their 64GB phone for a smaller amount of money.

Samsung Note 6 rumored features and specification

With the Samsung Note 6, the battery power will increase at least by 50%. In addition to this, the GalaxyNote6 will have wireless charging capability as the standard instead of the capability being an extra additive. Making wireless charging a standard will cause the phone’s size to increase, but not by much. That means the screen will be larger and the phone will be thicker. The phone increasingly will look like a small tablet as opposed to a phone. The Note 6 definitely will feature the flexible screen and a more advanced all-in-one chip, placing it far ahead of its competitors. Hopefully Samsung figures out a way to include a MicroSD card slot to the Note 6 considering the Note 5 will be lacking of the space additive. If users are able to use a MicroSD card on their their upcoming Smartphone, they will not have to worry about the costs of upgrading their phone memory manually.

Expected Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Features

The Note 4 saw a vast improvement in the stylus feature and version 5 had incredible improvement in addition to a keyboard case. A user can retrieve the stylus upon demand. With a voice command, a gesture, or the tap of a button, the stylus will pop out from a compartment within the phone. The keyboard case for the phone will tap into the device’s tablet features. Just like those with a tablet, all the users can connect a case with a Bluetooth keyboard to their Note 6. This keyboard case will handle the “flex spec” of your phone.

Expect all of those features and more on the upcoming Samsung Note 6. In addition to the keyboard and the on-demand stylus, Samsung is likely to include a two screen, also known as the double-workspace, feature on the phone. Samsung has been experimenting with this feature for quite some time. While some tech industry experts suspect the double-workspace feature to be featured on the Note 5, most experts remain unsure. By the time the Note 6 roles around, Samsung will have developed the two screen feature well enough to feel comfortable including it in the phone.

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Some users may be confused about what the double screen feature would mean. If you are familiar with Linux operating systems, you should already be familiar with the “two screen” feature. For those who are not familiar with Linux operating systems, having “two screens” gives two separate workspaces to use. One workspace will be a screen available upon default. The second screen can include entirely different programs and is only available for viewing after a certain button is selected. A phone with two workspaces has increased privacy and security. Customers who let others use their phone can put their most sensitive information on the second workspace of their phone and use a code to lock the second screen. That way, whoever borrows the phone cannot view the owner’s sensitive data.

Price for upcoming Samsung Note 6 Edge

The Galaxy Note 6 will cost you hundreds of dollars if you get the phone without a contract. Almost $600 to be exact. With a contract, the phone will cost you $99 – $200, depending on which phone company you have a contract with. The price ticks upward as the size of the memory storage increases. To avoid shelling out over half a thousand on a phone, get a Note-6 under a cellphone company contract. Make sure to pick a cellphone company that is trustworthy and has a great reception in the areas you frequent the most.

That being said, Samsung may do some considerable amount of changes to upcoming Smartphone that lower or increase the price of the highly rumored Note 6. This is just an estimation and actual Galaxy Note 6 Price may varies. Price is added here to give you idea, how much you will have to spend to get your favorite Smartphone from Samsung.

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Concept image of upcoming Galaxy Note 6 series

Galaxy Note 6 expected price

If Samsung includes a new high-grade design feature to their phone, such as a tougher screen or a water proof casing, the price will increase. Fans of the phone probably will not complain though. A waterproof phone with a tougher case would be a great idea. Samsung’s Galaxy 6 Active already has these features, so to add the same features to the Note 6 would be an unsurprising move from Samsung.

You should already be counting down the Days until the Note 6 launch

While the Note 5 still largely remains a mystery, industry insiders predict the phablet (phone and tablet) will be a leading innovator in the smartphone field. Samsung continues to produce phones tech experts call the best of the industry. Consumers should follow suit and expect no less than the best from the Note 6. In light of this, after you purchase the Note 5, save your pennies, dimes, and dollars because your hands will burn to hold the Note 6 edge.

Galaxy Note 6 Latest Updates and News

According to private resources and media houses, upcoming note Smartphone will have latest Marshmallow android system 6.0. It will come with wireless charger and Bluetooth water speaker. Company is researching to bring new look of the phone. You might see stylus pen that can work even at some distance. There will be mod for that. You can buy Note 6 from Snapdeal with cashback offers and coupon codes.

April 2016: We believe that company will launch their most waited Note 6 on early July. You must be surprised as Note 5, 4 etc was released in month of August and September. But there is a strong reason behind that. Samsung wants to get more coverage and that can only be possible if they release note Smartphone well before than the Apple’s iPhone series.

March 2016: Samsung just completed their resource on 256GB memory chip and planning to integrate that on their upcoming Note6.  We are suspecting that Galaxy Note 6 edge would have model with 256GB internal memory. It will also have phablet dock, so that you can use it as laptop.

January 2016: Galaxy Note 6 will include microSD slot and is expected to have an IP67 rating against water and dust. If you are current user of Samsung phone then you must have think about having microSD slot in your Note and S series and now your dream is likely to be true.

If you want any unique and specific features and interesting specs then you can feel free to post your comments about Samsung Galaxy Note 6 here. After all giants company always like to hear from their valued users like you. You can try some online cheat codes to access root of the device.

84 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 6 Release Date, Specifications, Price, Features & Note 7 Images”

    1. I can not wait to get my note 6, I have had the different notes for years and I have been very happy. But I am so looking forward to getting the Note6 and all its new & cool features!

    1. I agree with the external battery. A friend has the note 5 and it died. They had to get a new one whereas, i have the note 4 and all i had to do is get a new battery and problem solved. If the note 6 doesnt have an external battery that is a deal breaker for me.

      1. Interestingly, I just purchased the Note 5 for my wife. Please tell me more about the internal battery dying and having to replace the entire phone. That is not good.

        1. Excuse me, I does have samsung galaxy note 5 with no problem with the battery. I had it for almost a year now.
          I am looking forward samsung galaxy note 6 or 7 in the future.

      2. I have my Note 4 together with two extra original batteries which are used in rotation, and barely last for 28 hours of continuous use.
        Therefore it is a must to have a removable battery on the new forthcoming Note 6

  1. Waiting for the release date for this. I have a note 4 now. Love it very much. It is getting old. Good to know that the micro SD slot might be back.

  2. Hi everyone, it’s my first pay a quick visit at this site, and article is truly fruitful designed for me, keep up posting these articles or reviews.

  3. I’m waiting to update my current note to the note 6. It can’t get here quick enough! I would love to see the note 6 with micro sd slot and external battery to change yourself.

    1. Yeh is wishful thinking for removable battery.That is too old school for 2016 and beyond.I am still using the note 3 for that very reason.Still if the note 6 has a big enough battery I would consider,but even on a phone contract here it would cost a small fortune.

  4. I Samsung! The flexibility of the phone is what I love. I have a tablet and a Laptop, but I reach for my Note 5 to do everything! So EXCITED FOR THE NOTE 6!

  5. I am a BIG BIG FAN OF SAMSUNG GALAXY PHONES. Love the way they are designed. So I’m very excited to see GALAXY NOTE bringing another FABULOUS phone to all SAMSUNG GALAXY FANS.

  6. I have a note 3. It is fried and I am dealing with it just because I am waiting for the Note 6. Can’t wait, Please hurry!

  7. I somehow could get away with a note 3 very easily however every time a new note series comes out I find myself taking it out of the box day or so after it comes out problem ha ha!

  8. External storage and removable battery is must to have in note 6, that was a deal breaker for me when I found out about note 5. Looks wise samsung has improve in note 5, would love to see what other changes will be made in note 6.

  9. Excited Samsung is bringing back the micro sd slot & hopefully replaceable battery. Any chance the Note 6 will be water resistant like the Sg7? ? Leaning toward the Sg7 because of water resistance but would Love to have the Note 6!

  10. I own a Note 4 which I love. The fact that I can remove the battery and replace with a second charged battery is very helpful as well as adding an extra memory card. My Note 4 operates without issue and as powerful as the day and Im sure I could use it for a third year and be completely happy. However, the Note 7 might be one I yearn for depending on new features. I don’t need it but I want it! My heart leaps just thinking about it!

  11. I have a Galaxy Note 4 and will wait for the release of the Note 6. Hopefully Samsung will bring back the SD micro slot. It was a mistake to have eliminated it in some of the recent offerings. I’m also hoping for a Note 6 Edge version as with my Note 4. A lot of us are holding on to our older devices not willing to sacrifice on the previously mentioned features we’ve grown accustomed to.

  12. Which company is the best most trustworthy one to pre-order the samsung note 6 edge? I have never pre-ordered a phone before. Thank you for any advice.

    1. Depends on where you’re living lol
      In Finland at least Gigantti, Verkkokauppa +100 other stores are all trustworthy

  13. Samsung is a leading brand in tech world. Samsung note 6 is going to add new feather in its crown. Hope we will get more new invention like this. Thanks for this nice post.

    1. I can’t wait on the note 6 either I seen one review say something about a note 7 there is it a note 7 is there I love the note phones I’ve had the note 3 and the note 5 I gave a brand new note 5 to my best friend cause I like the note 3 way better cause of the features on the 3 are better.

  14. It is of the utmost importance that Samsung include the swappable / replaceable battery as in the Note 4, the micro SD slot, and larger capacity internal memory 6gb ram and 64/128/256gb rom. If done and offered I would predict a huge upward spike in there share of the market and a reversal of the present loss or revenue and standing in the smartphone market place. They will regain there standing and move back to the top in the marketplace. Take heed gentleman this is your time to reverse yourself and regain the number 1 spot in the market.

  15. I hope it will have remote control / IR blaster it is a deal breaker for me, I have being waiting since the note 4 that indeed is getting old and slow.

    1. Ya I think the new note should have kick ass journal features like the note 3 has I love all the notes there good phones but I have a iPhone 6s Plus also it’s a great phone to I bet the iPhone 7 will be really nice.i am really in to phones big time I’ll go buy two or three phones cause I like them.i hope the new note has a 6 inch screen at least.

  16. I still have my Note 4. I will not buy another Samsung phone until they put the removable battery back with the micro sdcard slot. Years ago Samsung ran a commercial that called all iphone users wall huggers because iphone users always had to charge their phones and with Samsung phones it would take only seconds to replace the battery. With my note 4 I can go from 0 to 100 percent in 47 secs that includes taking the phone protection case off and the phones removable back. Samsung should be a innovator, not an Apple imitator. This is the reason their sales have gone down .

  17. I love Samsung! I still have Note 2. It has not failed me yet. I do everything on it. Just waiting to upgrade to Note 6. The microSD and external battery is a must have to upgrades. Looking forward to it.

  18. Without a removable battery AND an SD card I’m not buying one. They DON”T understand! It’s not about the longevity of the battery! Note4 user.

  19. hoping the IR blaster comes back, as well as, the sd-slot. I use my note 4’s remote constantly. I’d also love it to have Gear-vr capability. rumors of a docking station, not unlike the motorola atrix dock, would be sweet! goodbye chromebook!

  20. Want a 6 2 inch phone with removeable battery. Don’t make the phone too slim. Keep the bezels. Make it Samsung galaxy note edge and 4k and stock station and a wider screen. I don’t care if it is thick. I want it to feel premium. Also all medal and glass. 30 megapixal camera and wireless charging

  21. Bigger battery is needed also like to see round edges and a shape similar to I phone 6 stronger and harder to break screen and body ….bigger battery again … get rid of the home button would be a nice move … higher screen to body ratio ….


  23. Hi I had a iPhone 4s and when the note 4 came out I got it. I would never go back to a iPhone I love my note 4 and I’m looking forward to the note 6 can’t wait.

  24. I loved my Samsung S3 mobile phone for its slim design, bright screen, expandable memory, and – most of all – a removable battery. I waited till the wee early hours of the morning to witness the launch of the S5 planning to go buy the phone as soon as it hit the shops but when the one presenter bragged about the Galaxy S6 having an built-in (NON-removable) battery, that was the day I stopped looking at a Samsung mobile phones. 1 week later, I was the proud owner of an LG G3 (which had been around for almost a year by then) instead. Amazing phone build quality with removable battery, 3Gb ram and expandable memory with a 5.5 inch disp and yet, much smaller footprint that all other phones in the market!

    Now that I’m used to large screened phones, I’ll curious and waiting to take a look at the Note 6. If no removable battery, I’ll likely shut the door on Samsung once again. It doesn’t matter what bells and whistles the thing has… If Samsung doesn’t give me the option to replace the battery myself (when it starts to fail) and/or the freedom to not have to carry around a hulking powerbank or charger (esp when I’m travelling around for business, moving from airport to airport, city to city and using my phone apps intensively), then I’m afraid its a deal breaker for me too.

  25. I hope this is true! I had the note 4 and I killed it by accident. The note 5 didn’t come available in the UK otherwise ill have that by now. If this is true ill be first in line to buy and finally get rid of this awful windows phone!

  26. I really hope is nothing like the note 5, didn’t liked it at all what I really miss is my note 4 the best phone ever

  27. Hi everyone! I am from Malta and I really cannot wait till the Note 6 Edge comes out!!! Please can you inform me immediately as soon as this phone arrives in Europe?? I will appreciate it a lot! Thanks in advance and thank you so much for all the information given!

  28. I have my Note 4 together with two extra original batteries. I use the fully charged batteries in rotation and barely last for 28 hours, after continuous use. I refrained from upgrading to Note 5 because of its built-in battery.
    Therefore its a must the new forthcoming Note 6 has an external battery and a MicroSD slot.

  29. I have had all the Notes up to the 4. I still have a Note 4 as the 5 has no SD, removable Battery or IR!! I will not buy a Phone with sealed battery and no Micro SD Card! So if the Note 6 goes down that same useless Apple Route ill be looking for another Phone manufacturer!

  30. I use to have a Samsung omnia then I laid of Samsung for a long while not being impressed by its flicking screen. I got sacked into the note 5 for a welcome back .I haven’t had it good with my other android phones like I now do with the note 5 which makes the android operating system quite worth my while. Hmm can’t wait to wrap my claws around the version 6.

  31. I’m a note lover! Had the 3 and now a 4. However I need a New as my note 4 is dying om me. But I get to pick a new One in september. Sociale fingers crossed! Hope by then the note 6 is available WITH exchangable batery.

  32. The reason why I did not buy the note 5 is because it does not have a removable batterie and a micro sd slot. I hope that note 6 will have these features, a large internal memory (256 GB) and a big screen (6.2 or 6.3 ”).
    Gilbert Muzungu Sefu

  33. I am now using note 4
    Battery running hot very quickly
    But I’m fan of Samsung Note series since Note 2
    With no removable battery, what should we do if the battery run down

  34. I took a look at note 5 and liked the feel and look of it..waiting to get note 6 as it is having many additional features..Please launch it sooon..

  35. Note 6 should be a model with a removable battery and with external SD card.
    Thats why I quit upgraded my Note
    4 Edge to Note5 model.
    Heart breaking.

  36. Note 6 should be a model with a removable battery and with external SD card.
    Thats why I quit upgrade my Note
    4 Edge to Note5 model.
    Heart breaking.

  37. Of course a replaceable battery is a must for me.
    I have three years the experience from my Note 3.

  38. I’ve had a note 2 and now a note4 – looking forward to the upgrade. Love love love this phone – does everything I want it to and more … external battery is a deal breaker for me … not that I have an issue with poor power supply – I don’t but I’d like to keep the option to remove it. Now all we have to do is get the price of screen replacement down from a ridiculous $200 to half that price ! my daughter has had her screen replaced 3 times now – none of the breakages being her fault but we’ve had to pay !

  39. I like to See Note 6 with powerful Removable battery;External Micro SD card Slot and FM radio with slim and durable body design.

  40. Note 6 should have the below mentioned features –

    1) Removable battery
    2) Micro SD Card slot
    3) Waterproof + break proof + dust proof
    4) Screen display size should be minimum 5.5″
    5) Flexibility in the pocket

    If these 5 features are available I am going to buy the phone under any circumstances. Samsung would achieve back its reputation with the device with all these 5 features. I am the fan of Samsung notes.

  41. I have a note 3 I just got it in February to replace my Motorola droid maxx that broke I found it on amazon since verizon wouldn’t replace my phone because it broke before I had insurance on me and my brothers phone, I thought I already had insurance on them and when I realized I didnt I got it but by chance my phone broke before I had gotten the insurance and I had to use my dads old lg flip phone till I could get another phone and I looked at abunch of verizon phones on amazon and I found phones cheaper with longer battery life then the note 3 but I read the specs and features probably like 6-8 times and I just knew I wanted the note 3 so I spent the $160 something for it and waited like 2 weeks for it but it was truly worth it I love this phone its pure awesome and I love it has a removable back and sd card slot which I hope the note 6 has because soon as its released im going to use my upgrade to get it I know I just got the 3 but I can use it as a back up incase something was to happen to the 6 I will have the 3 as a back up till I get the 6 replaced or I might just use the 3 for awhile longer and wait for the price of the 6 goes down before I upgrade because for some reason verizon wants me to pay montly on the phone I upgrade to which makes no sense the upgrade should be free I know when I was still on my dads plan actually right after I got on it it was like 2 months later I used his upgrade because he gave it to me so I could upgrade from a smartphone wanabe basic phone to a smartphone I had gotten the lg lucid ofcourse this was afew years ago and the upgrade was free so I dont get why since im on my own contract now and have been for almost a year and I have had the upgrade just aslong because I was do for a upgrade when I went from my dads contract to my own the upgrade transferred which actually surprised me but still I dont get why they would charge me monthly for the phone I upgrade to and it all depends on the phone I choose on how much they will charge me monthly so im most likely gonna wait before I get the 6 so im not paying $30 something a month on top of my bill just so I can have it, which I really do want it and will only get it if it has a removable battery and a sd card slot because my droid maxx lacked having a removable back and a sd card slot and my memory filled up quick and the phone would always give me problems about it plus it was only 16gb which was way to little for a smartphone specially one without a sd card slot and the phones battery would die pretty fast I had the phone only from july and by November or it might of been December I couldnt have my phone off the charger for to long maybe 3-5 hours at the most it seemed like it might of lasted alil longer then that I cant remember exactly but I do know it died pretty quick if I was doing bunch of stuff on it and even when I wasnt on it it died pretty quick still with my note 3 I haven’t had any battery problems when I dont have it on the charger it lasts a pretty long time even with me being on it doing stuff and I know I shouldn’t do it but my phone is usually hooked upto the charger most of the time since im in my bed most of the time since im a paraplegic and I try to get up asmuch as I can but my dads the only one who can lift me in my house to put me in my wheelchair because I cant get into it by myself at the moment because of the way my hospital bed is because of the one rail but I will be able to soon enough and then I will be up and outside more so my phone won’t be plugged in asmuch but I know people say keeping your phone on the charger kills the battery well I have had no problems my battery lasts a very long time when I’m up and out even when im on it alot

  42. I think we all want a Note 6, me 6 i 6,5 inton super Amoled display with 8 Gbite Ram, long battery life and card slot mnimis.Ensomatomeno Gps, distance measuring esthitira and screen scales .The want is too many and why not a superb device that has stolen the hearts of us all

  43. Must have removable battery and sd card.
    Still on the note 4 with removable battery will upgrade only if removable battery

  44. Has anyone heard of the price as of yet? I too have had all of the S series and the Notes as well I’m currently running a Note 4 I decided to skip the Note 5 like alot of others due to battery and mem. card. I’m wanting to go into the 6/7 model but I want to have the ability to remove my battery after all it is MY battery……
    My Note 2 has been being used by my now 5yr old since she was 2 1/2 they are truly good reliable and sturdy phones/phablets……

  45. I Love my Samsung Galaxy note 4, BUT I have only had it a year and 9months and I’ve had to replace the battery. Also I hope that the Note 6 comes out with not just the curve edge but also with a flat screen like the Galaxy S7, because you can not but a glass screen protector on the “curve edge phones” can’t wait to get my Note 6

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